Become part of One Caucasus 2022

One Caucasus Festival is the biggest free-of-charge interdisciplinary festival in Georgia. Since 2014 the Festival has hosted dozens of thousands of participants. The festival brought together more than half of thousand musicians from more than 20 countries – such as Huntertones (USA), Tamada (Georgia), Dihaj (Azerbaijan), Nemra (Armenia), Chveneburebi (Georgia), Vołosi (Poland), Reggeon (Georgia) and many more.

We are looking for partners that would like to cofund this unique festival of the next generation. Become the part of the One Caucasus 2022. 


One Caucasus 2022 will be held on 25-28 August in pictorous village of Tserakvi (1 hour 20 minutes drive from Tbilisi) in the borderland of Georgia with Armenia and Azerbaijan. We are co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

Every year the festival brings together musicians, artists, filmmakers, architects from all around the world to create new programs that were never presented before. 

And it is not only about 4 days of extraordinary events. We work with multiethnic local communities: planning public spaces upgrades and creating street furniture. We run a creative education program for the local kids. Since 2014 almost 1400 kids from more than 25 towns and villages took part in 93 various workshops. Learn more about One Caucasus.

Context of the One Caucasus 2022

One Caucasus was created in the middle of Caucasus – where the conflicts brought tragedy to thousands and have stunted the growth and aspirations of millions. Yet One Caucasus became a kind of oasis – that provides safe and inspirational space for youth and proves that another future is possible. 

The brutal invasion of Russia on Ukraine made the soil of our region soaked with blood again. 

One Caucasus is rooted in universal values of respect for human dignity and freedom. That is why we stand by the victims of war. This year we want to invite Ukrainian refugees – musicians, architects, artists, producers to share their talents, co-create One Caucasus and contribute to the multiethnic communities of Marneuli. 

One of the most amazing public awareness campaigns promoting EU values (Euromaidan, Ukraine, 2014) were barely noticed by EU member states’ societies. In a way – it was inconceivable that in the XXI century there are people willing to give their lives for these values. In June 2022 dozens of thousands of Georgians went to the streets to show their aspirations toward joining the EU. Unity in diversity is the reality of everyday life of multi-ethnic villages of Marneuli – borderland of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The region became the natural home of One Caucasus where international artists meet the poliglot locals to create together. Photo: “Streets of Tserakvi” video from One Europe One Caucasus I: trainers from Spain, Belarus, Georgia, USA with kids of Tserakvi village (

What we offer

If we work together you have possibility to have:

  • your participation in the most inspirational festival in Caucasus covered by major media of Georgia – including national TV channels, 
  • your stand at One Caucasus Town,
  • your logo in all promotional materials,
  • your logo in all movies, animations and other materials created for One Caucasus Festival, 
  • your name mentioned on the main stage of One Caucasus Festival, 
  • your logo forever on the architecture objects created during One Caucasus program in Marneuli villages
  • your status as major / strategic partner – depending on your involvement, 
  • and if your mission is connected with our values, One Caucasus is the best platform to spread your message to an international and intercultural audience.

What we need

It depends on your possibilities and field of action. We need financial, in-kind and promotional support.

Our main goal is to secure the costs of One Caucasus production and promotion costs, to cover the costs of the International Volunteer Program and to provide possibilities for creators from other countries to participate in the Festival. 

We also want to support Ukrainian refugees by creating the possibility to use their professional skills and talents to contribute to One Caucasus Festival. We are looking for partners who want to pay for their travel and fees.

Who we are

One Caucasus is implemented by two non-profit organization: The Other Space Foundation (based in Warsaw) and One Caucasus NGO (based in Tbilisi) in cooperation with local and regional authorities and other partners from Caucasus and beyond.


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