One Caucasus 2020: My OC

The title says, One Caucasus 2020: MY OC, but in reality it is a retrospective in which a character talks in the name of many.

The latest movie picturing the ONE CAUCASUS Festival as an invitation to a journey in space and time, far beyond the word “Festival”, that is too often associated with a bunch of people jumping and screaming “I love you” to the frontman of a band. 

Our hero’s name is DJ, he is an American musician, rapper, poet – in 2020, while he was stuck in Georgia during the COVID pandemic, he attended OC (One Caucasus) for the second time. 

His voice takes us back to the times when our grandparents would tell us fairy tales, the time when our imagination was free to travel at the speed of light across the entire universe. 

You have not experienced One Caucasus yet? No worries, here is a little hint.


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