We just have begun main preparing for OC 2022!

All volunteers and coordinators met in Tserakvi to start main preparing for festival. We will be divided in four main teams:

  • Construction/architecture team – the main job of thegroup is to build the OC Zone, where you will spend time during the festival. They will build stands, cinema, camping and other needed structure.
  • Workshop team – they have to prepare every each of the smaller activities for the festival and work with local communities.
  • Music team – simple, they just have to contact with musicians and set line-up. Maybe sound easy, but for sure it is one of the hardest parts.
  • Marketing team – probably one of the smallest team. They prepare every poster, graphic design and even this text.

First day we had a possibility to meet each other and get to know. And now we are working 24/7 to make the festival the best you have ever seen!


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