Workshop in a local village

Working on One Caucasus is not only preparing its program, but also adding an additional value to the local community after every edition of OC. That’s why we organize interdisciplinary workshops for kids.

Thursday in Imiri was a long and hot day. That was the last part of the three-day workshop. More than 40 children and their parents came to the sun-baked field. The interest was enormous.

Through creative activity we wanted to draw attention to things in our environment that are with us every day, to find some identity in it. The chosen theme was “the sky”, which we see every day. 

The sky may seem ordinary, but it is completely different in different corners of the world. The transformation of the sky as the sun moves across the horizon each day is amazing. We pay attention to changes as it moves across the horizon: when the color, light, clouds change. Ordinary and unusual nature at the same time.

We asked the children to create paintings using potato stamps and three colors of paint. The children got involved very quickly and were so excited.

Their approach and final paintings varied widely. What surprised us was that many children painted the flag of their country! It is the one that many children associate with the sky, as they often see it against the background of the sky .

The workshops lasted about 1.5h and ended with movement games and dances.

Such an activity integrated the local community and brought freshness to the daily life of the village. Perhaps it allowed habitants to appreciate the specialness of the environment in which they live every day? We hope so.


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